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With over 20 years in the graphic design biz, Emily Christenson applies her clean style, keen eye, and intuitive marketing sense to her clients’ businesses and causes. She loves making her clients happy, relishes new challenges, and knows that good design is crucial to success in the marketplace.

Emily got her start in the corporate world; Her first job out of college was in the creative services department at Fannie Mae, a Fortune 500 financial institution in Washington, DC. After several years of learning the ins and outs of corporate internal and external communications, she took her skills to a boutique branding agency in Northern Virginia. There she sharpened her design eye and gained valuable knowledge about marketing and branding for both non-profit and corporate clients. Her family’s adventurous spirit brought her to North Central West Virginia and once again to the financial sector, where she worked in credit union marketing across various media and point-of-sale channels.

Emily has a B.A. in studio art and anthropology from the University of Virginia, and a M.A. in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore.

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Emily Christenson

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